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The new booklet of GT Corporation
- the new booklet of Corporation
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The GT Corporation is a multinational company that works in the field of hydraulic engineering in many European countries.

GT Corporation was founded in 1990 and since then its associated companies have been engaged in inspection, design, construction, repair and rehabilitation of maritime structures. The work of GT Corporationís family of companies is based on the same general principles and a uniform development policy.

The basic principles of GT Corporation activities are:
      strict adherence to statutory and legislative acts; strict compliance with legislative and regulation acts;
      precise compliance with contract schedules;
      maximum satisfaction of Clientís requests;
      high quality work performance;
      use of environmental friendly technologies.
All of GTís services are regulated by the appropriate licenses. Techniques and special equipment are the companyís intellectual property and are protected by patents. Technologies are based on corporate applied research and product development. All materials in use are thoroughly selected and tested, and have international safety certificates. Modern effective machinery and equipment of world leading manufacturers are used.

Highly qualified engineers with many years of worldwide work experience and technicians, whose knowledge and skills are confirmed by scientific degrees work for the GT Corporation. The company has a skilled staff of more than 400 employees.

The GT Corporation Quality System is certified according to EN ISO 9001 Standards.

ISO 9001 ISO 9001 IQNet  

During the years of its existence The GT Corporation has designed, built and repaired dozens of marine structures and navigational facilities in different regions of the Baltic, White, Black, Azov and Mediterranean Seas.

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