- construction

- inspection

- repair

- rehabilitation and strengthening

- special activities

Engineering surveys of hydraulic structures’ technical condition play an important role in GT Corporation’s scope of activities. To this effect, the Corporation has a specialized research department, diving service, group of experts and the necessary equipment.

Engineering survey of hydraulic structures includes:
      structure inspection in underwater and above water zones;
      check of possible structure elements’ movements using geodetic and special measurement methods;
      measuring of physical and mechanical properties of materials by non-destructive inspection techniques and methods;
      structure and structure elements’ load testing;
      technical condition overall evaluation of individual structure elements and of the structure as a whole, taking into consideration detected defects and damages;
      recommendations on permissible operational regimes and monitoring of the technical condition;
      proposals for repair and/or rehabilitation (design solutions, scope of work, technology, estimated costs);
      proposals for first priority measures to ensure safe operations, considering the structure actual condition.

Since 1990 the Corporation has carried out engineering surveys on more than 200 berthing facilities more then 35 km in length, inspected coastal defense structures and breakwaters of harbour basins, lighthouses, navigational beacons, hydraulic structures of shipyards in different regions of the Baltic, White, Black, Mediterranean and Far East seas.

A new line in GT Corporation’s sphere of activities is the development of life cycle management systems for hydraulic structures. The system is developed based on structure’s general information, performed surveys, maintenance and repair operations and monitoring. The system allows monitoring of the structure technical condition, making decisions on time periods and scope of work for maintenance and repair operations or other kinds of works, storing and updating all available structure information.