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21-04-2012XVI GT Corporation Conference
12-03-2012The tragic death of A. V. Zinoviev, head of OOO GT-Projekt Ukraina
12-10-2011Completion of the Port berth reconstruction in the Novorossiysk commercial seaport.
11-10-2011Completion of No.13Â berth reconstruction in the Ventspils free port (stages 1, 2 and 3).
26-09-2011In the neighborhood of Nikolaev City (Ukraine) the overhaul maintenance of Limanoozharsky navigation mark hydrotechnical foundation according to the GT Corporation technology with the use of a pressure-tight chamber was complete.
18-08-2011ÎÎÎ “GT Sever” participated in the Prirazlomnoye oil field development in the Pechora Sea.
13-08-2010ÎÎÎ NPF GT INSPECT competency certificate in the field of engineering survey, important for the safety of capital structures
05-07-2010ÎÎÎ NPF GT INSPECT license for construction of NPP units
04-06-2010Certificate of ÎÎÎ NPF GT INSPECT conformity to the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping requirements as an enterprise performing assembling and welding works at construction and maintenance of ships and hull structures
16-04-2010XIV Conference of GT Corporation
15-02-2010TOV “GT Projekt - Ukraina" took second place in the national rating of Ukraine as the largest enterprise in the field of hydraulic construction
31-12-2009Reconstruction of breakwaters of Kaliningrad Sea Channel has been finished
29-05-2009XIII Conference of GT Corporation
08-05-2009Participation in marine operations for platform construction at Yu.Korchagin field
29-04-2009OOO “GT Projekt – Ukraina” was recognized as the largest enterprise of Ukraine in the field of hydraulic construction
01-04-2009Construction of breakwater in the new cargo area of port of Sochi
26-12-2008Reconstruction of berths No. 1, 2, 3, 4 in port of Vysotsk has been finished
31-08-2008Reconstruction works of Eastern breakwater of Port Pionersky in Kaliningrad region have been completed
21-04-2008XII Annual GT Corporation Conference
10-04-2008Berth No.29-1 of Odessa Commercial Sea Port was officially unveiled
28-09-20079th International Shipping, Shipbuilding, Ports and Offshore Energy Exhibition NEVA-2007
25-09-2007Cargo-Handling Complex of Berths No. 3 and 4 in Sea Commercial Port of Illichivsk was put into operation
16-04-2007XI Annual GT Corporation Conference
26-10-2006Seminar “Modern techniques to provide durability of hydraulic structures as a basis of seaports safe operation”
19-10-2006Port and Terminal Technology 2006
17-06-2005Seminar “Inspection of hydraulic structures as a key to provide safe operation of seaports”
14-03-2005IX Annual GT Corporation Conference
19-10-2004Port and Terminal Technology 2004
28-05-2004Berth No.6, “LUKOIL-Kaliningradmorneft” port area
05-03-2004VIII Annual Corporation Conference
21-07-20031-st International Conference on Concrete Repair, St-Malo, France (participation, presentation)
23-04-2003VII Conference on Port and Coastal Engineering, Almeria, Spain (participation, presentation)
03-04-200313th International Harbour Congress, Antwerpen, Belgium (paper presentation, participation in exhibition)
19-02-2003VII, 2002 Yearly Corporation Conference
27-12-2002Construction of Cargo/Passenger Ferry Terminal in the town of Baltiysk, Kaliningrad Region
27-09-200215th International Corrosion Congress, Granada, Spain (participation, exhibition stand)
20-09-2002Participation in the Erection of the Jacket of “LUKOIL-Kaliningradmorneft” Offshore Oil Platform D-6
28-05-2002International Seminar on Repair and Refurbishment of Harbour Structures, Gdansk, Poland (Presentation, Exhibition, Techniques Demonstration at the Sites)