- construction

- inspection

- repair

repair and corrosion protection of steel piles

repair of reinforced concrete piles

repair of horizontal surfaces of reinforced concrete structures

repair and corrosion protection of steel sheet pile walls

repair of walls in blockwork construction and box caisson walls

repair of floating berths and docks

repair and restoration of lighthouses and navigational beacons

- rehabilitation and strengthening

- special activities

A considerable proportion in GT Corporation’s activities consists of repair of hydraulic structures. Repair work is performed complexly, by the following scheme:
      detailed survey of structure technical condition, identifying defects and damages;
      forecast of probable changes in structure technical condition for a predetermined period, conclusion on permissible operational regimes, definition of the necessary volume and scope of repair works and their estimated cost;
      preparation and coordination of engineering solutions and technologies, issue of repair works method statement report;
      execution of repair works;
      monitoring of repaired structures technical condition.
The engineering solutions for structure repair in underwater zone and in hard-to-reach areas are based on use of special underwater equipment, the hermetic chamber, which allows to perform repair activities below the water level “in air-dry” conditions keeping the structures in operation.

Necessary equipment and technologies of repair are developed for structures of different types and objective. Fundamental solutions and particular repair methods are determined considering repaired construction, degree of damages or deterioration, environmental conditions and Client’s requirements.

Many hydraulic structures exist for a long period of time and are of great architectural, historical and material value. In these cases repair works have rehabilitation nature.

Since 1990 different types of hydraulic structures have been repaired: steel and reinforced concrete sheet pile walls, waterfront structures in blockwork construction, box caisson walls, piers on steel and reinforced concrete piles and pipes, bridge footings, offshore platform legs, navigational facilities. Total length of repaired structures is about 67 kilometers. More than 10 years of operational experience confirms the durability and reliability of the proposed solutions.